Monday, September 10, 2007

New Testament Greek Course Nearly Done

The 18 Papua New Guinean students take their third and final exam tomorrow during this 6-week introductory NT Greek course. It's been a great learning experience for me as the teacher, and hopefully for them too. Teaching every day, morning and afternoon, for 6 weeks is quite difficult. I'm really thankful for the help I had.

I will soon be catching up on other responsibilities that have been put on hold. I hope to blog more on how the course went. I've got some posts started, so I'll try to finish at least some of them.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, most of the students will start their long journey home to families and communities who will have dearly missed them for 7 weeks. Several of the students return for a New Testament Exegesis course that starts only 3 weeks after this Greek course finishes. Pray for safe and speedy travels, valuable time spent at home, and the grace of God to give them everything they need, especially as they often face criticisms from family and communities for wasting their time doing things like this.

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