Thursday, September 20, 2007

Announcing - go James Tauber !

The slogan is "Make a habit of it."

James Tauber is once again working on a project that really piques my interest (see my previous posts about his Greek Nominal Paradigm Browser and how he introduced me to Many Eyes).

There are many things that I want to be more disciplined about, activities that I want to be a regular part of every day, or every week. Today, James introduced his new website

The site hasn't launched yet, but it does give an idea of what we can expect from this site in the future...
  1. List the things you'd like to do on a regular basis and group them into routines
  2. Track your success or failure and monitor your progress over time.
  3. Share tips with others who are working on developing the same habits.
I don't know if the 3rd aspect of the site means that it will be some kind of social networking site, but whether it is or not, this is the most intriguing aspect of the idea. It looks like it won't just be a tool to help one develop good habits--it's going to be a way to network ideas and benefit from the experience of others.

I know that I can do no good thing in my own power. I need God's grace, and part of that grace is what he gives us through relationships with others.

Let's make a habit of it together.


jtauber said...

Glad you're excited about the site!

There will be some social aspects to the site like the ability to invite friends to join, etc., but building a social network isn't the focus so much as having things like forums for discussing specific habits.

For example, you'll be able to discuss different brands of dental floss with other people who are wanting to floss every day; or reading plans for people who want to read the Bible every day, etc.

Zephyr said...

That's what I expected, although it would be interesting to link up with people that share multiple desired habits, e.g. those who share the desire to develop the habits of reading the Greek NT, of studying modern German, of doing some linguistic analysis every day, and of flossing teeth every day.